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DerpyCon 2020 Cancellation

Questions regarding the DerpyCon 2020 Cancellation.

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  1. Can I submit virtual content for DerpyCon 2020?  
  2. I applied to advertise at DerpyCon, does that apply to DerpyCon online?  
  3. I applied to cover DerpyCon, will I still be able to cover DerpyCon Online?  
  4. I had a table for my event at DerpyCon, will I still be able to advertise at DerpyCon Online?  
  5. I have a Weekend Reward certificate for DerpyCon 2020. Will this be valid for DerpyCon 2021?  
  6. I have booked a hotel room. Do I need to cancel the reservation?  
  7. I have paid for my registration in cash at an event. Can I request a refund?  
  8. I have received complimentary access to DerpyCon 2020 by booking my hotel room by March 31. What will happen to my registration?  
  9. I have registered to DerpyCon 2020. Will my registration transfer to 2021?  
  10. I was accepted to DerpyCon, what should I do?  
  11. I was invited to the DerpyCon Online event at the venue. Do I still need to cancel my hotel room reservation?  
  12. What caused the decision to cancel DerpyCon 2020?  
  13. When will I hear back about my attendee panel or workshop submission?  
  14. Where will I be able to watch DerpyCon 2020 Virtual Content?  
  15. Why not postpone DerpyCon 2020?  
  16. Will my hotel room roll over to 2021?  
  17. Will there still be a Cosplay Masquerade or Hall Cosplay Event for DerpyCon 2020?  
  18. I wish to exhibit at DerpyCon Online, what should I do?  
  19. I would like to request a refund but I have an expired or deactivated credit card. How should I proceed?  
  20. What measures is DerpyCon taking in order to protect essential personnel, guests, panelists, etc. for DerpyCon Online?  
  21. When is the latest I can request a refund if I would like my registration to rollover to DerpyCon 2021.  

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